Client Care

We are able to provide clothing for younger individuals looking for current fashion trends, as well as gentleman who wish to present a completely different image to satisfy both their personal desires as well as the image their lifestyle requires. 

We meet either in one of our showrooms or in our clients’ homes to evaluate their wardrobe requirements. Once our clothing is delivered, it can be life-changing. We have built our company upon referrals, and the kindness and generosity of our clientele. Other professionals who work with similar individuals and see the value of our services are great referral sources as well and it is by far the most satisfying compliment.

We have tremendous respect for the privacy of our clients, as we are often guests in their homes. We thereby do not reveal their identities, or use their pictures. You simply will not find the same quality, service, and wardrobe refinement in any store, as it plainly doesn’t exist.

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